Jun Yong Bok Natural Lacquer Lab Director

Youngsan University Chair Professor

Iwayama Urushi Art Museum Director

Committee in Cultural Art Promotion Council, Iwate

2011.  Exhibition at The National Art Museum of China

2010.  Donated artwork for permanent display at UNESCO

2009.  Appreciation plaque of the Ministry of Culture

2009.  Co-Production Art with Onstyle and UNESCO

2008.  The First class lacquer painting clock at SEICO

2007.  Director of Iwayama Natural Lacquer Museum

2005.  Commemoration exhibition at APEC

2004.  Representative of True Art Museum of Iwate

2003.  KBS Invitation to Seoul Art Center

2001.  Morioka private exhibition citing the President

2000.  The Korea new intellectual citation in Seoul

2000.  Honorary director of Yaksado Lacquer Art Museum

1991.  Restoration and Artworks for Meguro Gajoen

1988.  Special prize in Art and Craft Exhibition, Morioka

1986.  The grand prize in modern art exhibition, Seoul

1983.  Korean cultural center in Japan Exhibition

1980.  Organized Yerin Lacquer Art Institute

Jun Yong Bok has always worked with pride as a Chosun's natural lacquer artisan and he has become a world renowned natural lacquer artist since he had successfully completed the art restoration of a famous hotel in Japan, Meguro Gajoen which he took 3 years to complete.

He stumbled upon natural lacquer art and the fascination towards it became a passion for his entire life. he worked as the director of the world's biggest natural lacquer gallery Iwayama Urushi Art Museum, and as a member of Iwate Art Culture Council committee in Japan.

Currently, he is the director of Jun Yong Bok Natural Lacquer Lab in Korea and working on the New York, Seoul, and Busan gallery project. He travels around Korea, Japan, and United States to continuously produce his artworks and to educate his apprentices.